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The German Post is the market leader in mail, parcels and much more. The German post offices offer many more services than just sending letters. Although the prices are not cheap, but the service is very efficient and fast.
Letters are delivered to 95% within a day. Most packages can be delivered nationwide within two days in a 400-kilometer radius.

Each official letter, invoices, invitations, contracts, etc. sent by post. Please make sure that your name is written on the postbox of your residence. If you move, please inform your nearest post office and request a redirection. This ensures that your letters and parcels will be sent in the future to the new address.

There is the possibility to go in direct post offices. However, newsagents, stationery or even grocery stores have post offices. Find your post office in your neighborhood

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Following you find a link of the postal prices in Germany. In any post offices of Deutsche Post you can also receive a free booklet "Services and Prices".

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In addition, the German Post AG is one of the major global player in the logistics sector and can definitely compete with the American giants such as UPS and FedEx.

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