INFOYER I German Wiki - Marriage in Germany

Congratulations! Are you planning to get married in Germany? Get here all the necessary informations in order to get married in Germany. You don´t must have a permanent residence in Germany in order to get married in Germany. The competent authority called Registry Office (= Standesamt). If you decide to get married in Germany, your first point of contact should be your embassy or consulate and the corresponding registry office. The registration at the registry office can be applied at least 6 months before the planned wedding date.
Below find out what steps are needed to get married in Germany.

Marriage in Germany: Bureaucratic hindrance

Foreign national marriages depend on mostly two things: marital status and country of origin.
The required documents must be translated in German and must not be older than six months. These translations must be made by a sworn interpreter or certified by a lawyer. People who had been married must submit a certificate of divorce or death certificate of the former spouse.

Standard requirements

  • Both partners must be present
  • Passport 
  • Birth Certificate (Original)
  • Proof of Residence for at least three weeks
  • The wedding ceremony will be conducted in German, so an interpreter is advisable
  • Filled marriage questionnaire (please collect it from Standesamt) must be handed over to person in Standesamt
  • Certificate of free status is required (Ehefähigkeitszeugnis; you can have this from your embassy)
  • Statement of being Single (Ledigkeitszeugnis)
  • If married before, the necessary decree must be submitted
  • Since 1998 witnesses are no longer required, however up to two witnesses can be appointed
  • The fees may vary between 100 to 200 Euros and may cost extra during the application process. Please visit nearest Standesamt for updated information.
  • Financial Statement.

Marriage in Germany: Glossary to help with marriage terms

banquetdas Bankett
banquet hallder Festsaal
best mander Trauzeuge
bridedie Braut
groomder Bräutigam
bridesmaiddie Brautjungfer
celebrationdie Feier
churchdie Kirche
church bellsdie Kirchglocken
confettidas Konfetti
the coupledas Ehepaar
guestder Gast
honeymoondie Flitterwochen
die Hochzeitsreise
jewelryder Schmuck
lovedie Liebe
marriagedie Heirat
marriage certificatedie Heiratsurkunde
to marryheiraten
photographerder Fotograf
presentdas Geschenk
priestder Priester
ring pillowdas Ringkissen
speechdie Rede
uniondie Verbindung
weddingdie Hochzeit
wedding ceremonydie Trauung
wedding receptionder Hochzeitsempfang
wedding ringder Ehering
wedding dressdas Hochzeitskleid
wedding cakeder Hochzeitskuchen
wedding vowsdas Eheversprechen
wedding veil der Brautschleier
wedding marchder Hochzeitsmarsch
witnessder Zeuge