INFOYER I Childrens Allowance (Kindergeld) in Germany

Child benefit is an allowance from the German government and is used to support to pay part of the cost of raising children. The amount of child benefit depends on the number of children. It runs up to 190 € to 221 € per child. The payment will be transferred to your appropriate specified account. Foreigners who are gainfully employed and are resident in Germany, are receive to get child benefit, regardless of whether you're employed or self-employed.

Entitlement to child benefit

Usually parents will assign to get child benefit. In exceptional cases, such as for orphans or children, where the residence of the parents can not be determined, the child allowance is awarded to the child.
Adopted children and foster children also entitled to child benefit, as long as they live in your household.

Amount of child benefit

The payment of child benefit takes place until the child has reached the age of 18. An extension may be requested if certain requirements are met for an extension, such as longer schooling, training or study. For the first two children you receive 190 € per child, for the third child 196 € and for each additional child 221 €.

Application for child benefit

It is necessary to indicate the tax identification number of the child for the application of the child benefit. The tax identification number is sent to you from the local tax office. In general, after the registration of the child at the registry office. For foreign children, the assignment is made after the registration at the registration office.

You apply for child benefit at your family allowance offices “Familienkasse” in your place of residence. (Link Familienkasse)

Application for child benefit (Kindergeld)

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