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Who is eligible?

Admission requirements depend on the individual
choice of the study program. Bachelor, Master and PhD students are
eligible to study in Germany. Be sure about you admission requirements.

Bachelor Program

For the bachelor’s program, students have to prove 12 years of school education. However students must have a school-leaving certificate
(also known as “university entrance qualification”, e.g. High School
Diploma, A-Levels) which proves that students are eligible for
‘Studienkolleg’. German school education lasts 13 years (known as
“Abitur“). So students have to do ‘Studienkolleg’ before entering in the
main course of the university. ‘Studienkolleg’ is preparing course that
will be held under the university. Before doing ‘Studienkolleg’,
students have to do a German language course until B2 (if possible C1) level and an admission test for ‘Studienkolleg’.

If students have 14 years of previous study, they can apply directly to the university.
Some universities are also accepting 13 years as well. After
successfully completed 12 years of education in school, students usually
take diploma or bachelor course lasting 1 or 2 years, depending on the
subject of the course. Students must have to submit an academic
transcript or certificate to the university as a proof of extra 1 or 2
years of study.

Master and PhD Program

For the master’s program, students must have a four-year bachelor
degree. Some universities consider a three-year bachelor degree for
admission as well but students have to prove that their study is
equivalent to 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).
For Ph. D program students must have a Master's Degree.

Language requirements

Bachelor Program
The students who would like to study a bachelor program in Germany, must have to complete a German language course A1 to B1 level from Bangladesh. After that, they should attend a German language course until B2 (if possible C1) level in any language institute in Germany and have to attend an entrance test for ‘Studienkolleg’.
After getting the chance in ‘Studienkolleg’, students have to complete the course within one year.
For more details please click on the link: Goethe Institut Bangladesh

To practice German online: Learn German together free of charge
For the international bachelor program, students must have IELTS/TOFEL and GRE/GMAT (some universities) scores for a perspective subject.

Master and PhD Program
For the international master program, students must have good IELTS /TOFEL and GMAT/GRE (some universities) scores for a perspective subject. If students have completed their first degree in English, they don’t need IELTS/TOFEL (some universities) scores.
If students would like to study in German language, students have to finish a German language course until C1 level and attend a test of DSH or TestdaF. After passing the test successfully, students are eligible to entrance a master’s program directly in any German university.

Where to apply?

Uni-assist application procedure

more than 70 German universities have been asking their international
applicants to send their applications for admission to “UNI-ASSIST”
(Application Services for International Students). The procedure of
uni-assist is to pre-check all required application documents of
international students. After checking the completeness of all required
documents they will forward them to the respective universities.
Students are able to simultaneously apply multiple universities by
submitting just one set of certified copies. Application process fees
will be charged. Please remember that when your qualification fulfill
all the requirements of the university then send your certified
documents to uni-assist.

Application deadlines
Please check the application deadline for your desired course at the university of your choice. More information available at:

Postal address for your applications
Name of you selected university
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Helmholtzstr. 2-9
10587 Berlin

Uni-assist charges 68 Euro for the first application of the semester. Every additional application for the same semester is charged 15 Euros.

Direct application procedure
Regarding applications for other universities, students have to send their certified documents individually directly to the university. The following links will help you to submit your application directly to the universities.
Information for the International Degree Programs
Study and Career choice


Generally, students get two types of visas opportunity offered by the Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Direct admission without language course
  • University studies with language course

Direct admission without language course
For this type of visa student have to submit:
  • Original admission letter from any German university (with subject mentioned, in which the admission is given)
  • A valid passport and two (2) passport photographs.
  • Two (2) application forms, original documents and two (2) sets of photocopies
  • Proof of sufficient funds (blocked account) for the first study year.
  • Submit all your academic certificates with mark-sheets; admit cards, registration card
  • Submit language certificates if you have completed any German language/English language course.
  • Proof of continued present education from the respective educational institution with mark-sheets/grade-sheets of all completed academic semesters/years.
  • In case you are employed at this moment, please present an employment letter.
  • If you are married, submit the marriage certificate (e.g. Nikah Nama).
  • A valid health insurance for 90 days from the moment of entering the Federal Republic of Germany. This may be done through a regular travel health insurance bought in Bangladesh.Students must make proof of genuine efforts to secure appropriate accommodation in Germany before applying for the visa
University studies with language course
For this type of visa student have to submit:
  • Original confirmation letter of admission to a German language course from any German institution
  • A letter from the university where the admission is mentioned
  • A conditional admission, e.g. with preparatory course (Studienkolleg)
  • A confirmation of acceptance

All the documents listed above except the first one (original admission letter from any German university)

Financial Proof

Students who receive a scholarship / stipend, have to submit a confirmation letter to the embassy.

person who is living in Germany would like sponsoring a student he/she
has to submit a formal obligation letter (“Verpflichtungserklärung”
according to Art. 68 German Residence Act) at the aliens authorities in
Germany, declaring that he/she will provide the expenses of the
applicant’s stay for the whole period.

Blocked Account
Students have to open a blocked account with any commercial bank in Bangladesh, and deposit the amount of 8.100 €. This amount may vary on time. The blocked account must disclos the following conditions:
  • If the student gets a visa, the amount will be transfered to a bank account in Germany.
  • If you show your visa refusal letter from the embassy, the amount will be paid back to the student.
  • You have to contact any commercial bank in Bangladesh which who deals with students’ files in this regard.
Note: After arriving in Germany students can draw maximum 670,00 € per month from the blocked account for accommodation during their study.

How to make an appointment for interview

The students who would like to get an appointment for a visa must request via e-mail.
The e-mail address is
It is most important to make an appointment it is mandatory to attach all documents in PDF format and you have to attach the following documents along with the passport number and the contact (valid) mobile number:
  • Confirmation letter of admission to a German language course from any German institution (only if the language course is obligatory)
  • Original letter of admission (with subject mentioned, in which the admission is given) or any one of the following
    • Letter from the university where the admission is mentioned
    • Conditional admission
    • A confirmation of acceptance
    • “Final confirmation” from ASSIST
Appointments will be given by return e-mail only. However, at the time of the visa interview, you have to submit all of the original documents. Be careful, don’t send more than one e-mail for an appointment.
To get benefit in this process, please write your field of study on the e-mail subject option so that the embassy can sort out the e-mail faster. The visa section does not send any receipt of confirmation of e-mails. If you have applied for an appointment as instructed, you will get one, but it might take some time, because of the large number of student applications. So don’t hesitate be patient.
Detailed requirements for the students' visa as well as the visa application form are given on this website:
Website German Embassy Dhaka